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Growth Consultant & Entrepreneur Coach @ Align the Dots

When people would ask me where I’m from, I’d often say “I’m legally Swedish” because that was the only objective truth. Now that I live in Sweden, I tend to say I’m a “fake” Swede because sooner or later the person I speak with figures out that there’s something odd about me, either in my language or in my behaviour. So I prefer to give a heads up from the get-go.

“Where do you come from?” is a question I’ve come to resent as it doesn’t make sense to me and whatever the answer I give, it can only represent…

I’d like to start with the concept of work-life balance. It doesn’t make much sense to me. Does work have as much weight as life?! Not only that, a balance is not something you achieve but is a cycle with many seasons.

Health, work, play and love

Inspired by Designing Your Life (Bill Burnett, Dave Evans), on a scale from 1 to 5, I evaluate my balance based on four key dimensions of my whole life (I do this every quarter):

  • Health: your physical health as well as your emotional and mental health
  • Work: what I do for a living as well as my side…

It took me a long time to articulate my purpose and I’ve found a few interesting side-effects of speaking it out loud, mostly to myself, but also to others:

  • It’s made it easier to make decisions as I know what is in line with my purpose and what is less so
  • Sometimes I make decisions that do not feed into my purpose but I do so consciously
  • When something doesn’t feel quite right but can’t explain why, as rational as it may be, I check how it fits in, or not, with my purpose
  • My purpose acts as an anchor…

From a young age, I was taking care of others, both in my family circle and in my friendship circles. I wanted to be good, do good and offer good. Until it didn’t FEEL good anymore. Honestly, I didn’t quite know what to do with myself because that was WHO I WAS. How could I not be that anymore?

Selfie by author

My therapist at the time helped me realised that I was co-dependent and it allowed me to dissociate my behaviours (making sure everybody else is OK and often the mama of the group) from my identity. …

Lately, I’ve often been asked how to deal with the uncertainty we’re currently faced with. As entrepreneurs, uncertainty is our daily bread. However, today we’re being served an unprecedented amount in our lifetime’s experience.

I don’t have the answer that’s best for you so I usually ask:

What decisions can you make that influence the status quo?

What can you learn about what you don’t have control over to help you mitigate the uncertainty when possible? Word of caution: beware of rabbit holes…

I’ve seen companies who’ve had to make difficult compromises so they could survive in the short-term in…

I realised recently that as the founder of Align the Dots, I had two roles but only took the one I like best to heart. I mostly sat in the role of Nina the Consultant, the one who gets things done and fixes things. I had not put much thought nor effort into the role of Nina the CEO.

Nina the CEO’s job is to make sure the brand is out there, people know about Align the Dots, what I do, how I do it and why I’m great at it. …


My name is Nina. I have worked with entrepreneurs throughout my career, from the humble creative with a brilliant idea to the extraordinary visionary who believes the sky is limitless. It has given me the courage to learn from my successes and failures, pick myself up and do it all over again, which has led to becoming a professional coach and my latest venture, Align the Dots.

Photo by Author

My mindset is molded by an engineering education. I find comfort in organizing, planning, scheduling and being as prepared as I can. …

I was asked to dress in a way that made me feel like a Goddess. So I did, and I felt damn good! Walking down the subway like a Queen. A conversation ensued where I realised I more often operate from my masculine than from my feminine and I am trying to understand why.

I want to mention that I’m not talking about gender in this context, I am talking about the feminine and masculine poles and the spectrum from which we all operate from, regardless of which gender we identify as.

I asked myself, what beliefs do I have…

What led me to Align the Dots? It started with Tembomentum. And yes, I thought it was a brilliant brand name. Until a dear friend of mine did a wonderful and very tactful job at letting me see how it wasn’t.

It combined Tembo, elephant in Swahili, and momentum. I want my clients to gain the qualities of the elephant: gain wisdom, develop inner strength, be confident and patient, and play, and momentum, which is critical to growth.

Having to explain all this defeats the purpose of a good brand name, not to mention how difficult it’d be to remember…


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